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Eye Drops and Solutions

Big Sky Eye Care understands that today’s consumers have an enormous variety of products to choose from in the marketplace. In order to help simplify your choices, we carry several reputable lines of products that have been found to be of superior value. If you have questions about any of the eye care products listed below, please ask one of our staff. We’d be happy to recommend products suitable for your unique needs.


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Eye Drops

  • Alaway- Helps relieve symptoms of allergies such as eye itch
  • Viva Drops – Lubricating eye drops (On back order)
  • Soothe EX- Extra protection emollient/lubricant
  • Systane Balance – Long-lasting lubricant eye drop
  • Nature’s Tears Eye Mist – Provides natural moisture for dry, tired eyes
  • Opti-Free Pro Lubricant Eye Drops, Alaway

Contact Lens Drops

  • Optimum Wetting and Rewetting Drops – Used for those who have hard lenses
  • Clerz Plus- Rewets and refreshes lenses – Ideal for extended wear lens users
  • Blink-N-Clean – Helps remove protein and prevent buildup during lens contact lens wear
  • Blink Contacts- Contact lens lubricating eye drops

Gas Permeable Lens Cleaners

  • Supra Clens – Daily protein remover for hard lenses
  • GP Contact Lens Cleaner