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Eye Allergies? We Can Help!

Eye Allergy Treatment at Big Sky Eye Care in Hamilton, Montana

This time of year, many of us look forward to getting outside to enjoy the pleasant weather, however, for those that battle allergies, these times can be difficult to enjoy.

Seasonal eye allergies develop when naturally occurring substances, most commonly mold or pollen, come into contact with our eyes. This can cause red, itchy eyes and a runny nose.

Of course, the best way to stop allergies is to avoid exposure to the irritating agent, but that is not always possible when the irritant is in the air all around you. Cold compresses, lubricating drops and prescription anti-allergy drops are effective ways to reduce eye allergies.

The eye doctors at our office are trained to diagnose and treat eye allergies. If you are suffering from red, itchy eyes, book an eye exam at our Hamilton eye clinic and get back to enjoying springtime.