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We are now carrying Modo Eyeglasses!


MODO continues its dedication to social responsibility with its BUY A FRAME, GIVE A FRAME program with the Seva Foundation through Nepal Netra Jyoti Sangh (NNJS). As part of the World Health Organization Vision 2020 Initiative, they donate a frame to someone in need for each MODO frame purchased.

The NNJS is credited with coordinating 90% of all eye care services in Nepal. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), of the 2.2 million Nepali people seeking eye care consultations annually, 43% are potentially in need of eyeglasses. The NNJS specifically targets blindness prevention and impaired vision due to uncorrected refractive error – simply the need for an eye exam and a pair of glasses. More than 600 million people around the world are blind or visually-impaired only because they do not have access to the eye examination and glasses they need.